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Energy efficient home design becomes more desirable today. The price of gas and electricity costs skyrocketed and there seems to be no end in sight. Although it seems clear that the energy savings will also save money, there are many ways that additional savings can be realized by carefully researching and planning an energy efficient home design from the beginning of the process of your dream home.

Even if you are not in a position to build your green home is not enough, you can dream and research every aspect of the design of your home without having to pay money for it.

  1. Consider hiring an architect to maximize your energy efficient spaces. Depending on how the “habit” you want your new home to be, an architect can really end up saving you money in the long run.
  2. Consider buying House plans are designed to be energy-efficient. As the demand for such homes increases, more architects and planners responded with energy efficient home design.
  3. A few builders offering design options in addition to their construction. Do your research to decide whether it might be appropriate to your particular situation.
  4. Don’t “build an additional” Your foundation. A structural engineer can tell you what the requirements for the location you have chosen.
    Also, consider a smaller “footprint” to your base-it could save you hundreds of dollars in material. Room at the top of the Foundation can meet out or a few feet without compromising safety.
  5. Maximize your storage space (even in a small house) and plan to use declared to be “wasted” space. * Will there be space under the stairs you can use for storage?
    • How to narrow down the hallways and increase the size of the room?
    • Butting out the closet to the hall will make a larger bedroom.
  6. Plans to have all the beds area on the same floor. If you do, you can choose the split HVAC system-with the option of just warming up or cooling down the floor that you are occupying. This advanced type of “warming” can save many dollars.
  7. Create an open floor plan. This may be a strategy energy efficient that most neglected of all. Energy efficient house design open will not only make your space feel larger and more comfortable, but you’ll save on framing, drywall, electrical, trim, paint, and even air conditioning and heating costs!
  8. Consider using clean green solar power in your home.
  9. Consider building a House ICF. Insulated Concrete Forms House is famous for its high energy efficiency as well as for the quality safety and soundproofs them.
  10. Look into SIPS construction. Structural Insulated Panels are an increasingly popular choice for many homeowners who want a high level of insulation for their homes.
  11. With wood construction, ask about the airtight Drywall Approach (ADA). This system aims to make the House as “strict” as possible to prevent the draft from the increased use of your energy and the next Bill.

We have more options and choice than ever before when it comes to energy efficiency. I hope you will strongly consider building your new home with energy efficient home design. The planning you can now bring your future bills are lower and greater comfort while preserving the resources of our planet.

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